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About Vulcan Event Services

Welcome to Vulcan Sports Event Services...

...We offer a service for the installation of safety rubber flooring at sports events across the UK.

Vulcan Event Services Vulcan Event Services Vulcan Event Services Vulcan Event Services Vulcan Event Services

Our service includes:

Vulcan Event Services
  • Site survey well in advance of race day.
  • Proposals report to include matting plan, costs and schedule.
  • Product installation pre race day to suit the organiser’s schedule.
  • Vulcan team member to be available on site during the event.
  • Removal of the rubber floor after the event.


Vulcan installed a safety flooring to allow athletes to run safely from the bike holding area to the bike mount line, some 200m apart. This was an unusually long transition runway where the athletes would be running with their bike, some wearing cycling shoes and some in bare feet. The existing surface included grass, loose gravel, mud, tarmac, tree roots and potholes. The heavy duty flexible rubber matting provided the critical cushioning underfoot. An underlying membrane provided a barrier against grit and dirt. A soft overlying felted surface provided excellent grip and comfort for the athletes to run confidently and safely at racing speed.

Vulcan Event Services

The underlying ground is made safe.

Vulcan Event Services

The rubber cushioning is laid on a membrane barrier.

Vulcan Event Services

The felt surface is prepared.

Vulcan Event Services

Fencing & guide tape is added.

Vulcan Event Services

Athletes arriving for a pre-race inspection.

Vulcan Event Services

The surface in use.

Vulcan Event Services

Athletes at race speed.


Olympic distance triathlon: Swim 1500m – cycle 40km – run 10km

Vulcan installed a safety floor ramp at this well respected event. It is presently the largest club organised event of its kind in the UK and attracts athletes nationwide. The swimming section took place in the lake at Ripon Race course. The Vulcan installation provided an anti-slip footing surface for the athletes exiting the lake whilst running into the cycle transition area. 775 athletes exited the lake with full confidence that they would not slip on the (very) wet inclined runway.

The principal aim of the surface is to allow the competitors to exit the lake safely and efficiently.

The surface criteria are:

Vulcan Event Services

Phil Graves exits the lake and accelerates
up the Vulcan safety surface.

  1. Anti-slip – in very wet conditions.
  2. Provide grip for athletes exiting the water at running pace.
  3. Be safe for bare-foot running and free from trip hazards and sharp objects.
  4. Act as a barrier against underlying stones, dirt, grit etc.
  5. Give secure traction under foot on an inclined exit.
  6. Drain immediately and not harbour water build up.
  7. Low risk of injury if an athlete falls.

The 2011 race was won by professional triathlete, Philip Graves in an overall time of 1hr 56mins.

Philip is an admired athlete and was the winner of both the UK Ironman and the UK Ironman 70.3 in 2009.

Video: Ripon Triathlon 2011 – athletes exit the lake.

Please contact us for a quote or get in touch if our services could improve your event.

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